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Broken Spring Repair

About seventy percent repair tasks that we get at Ditmars Steinway garage door repair New York are related to broken spring s. This is clear evidence that broken spring is a common problem experienced most home owners. In most cases spring problems are caused by wear and tear. The garage door spring does all the work of lifting the door up to open. The more you open and close the garage door; the spring wears out and eventually breaks. Rust is the other common reason for broken spring. When rust develop on the spring it reduces its lifespan due to friction on the coil.

If your door spring is the problem give us a call and we will get it fixed at a reasonable cost. It is good to counter broken spring problem early enough or else you be forced to do a new door installation. Improper maintenance is also a common cause of broken spring. To prevent future defaults on springs we give our customer guidelines on how to maintain and take care of the door springs. Some technician will argue that a single spring would be enough to support the opening and the closing of your door in the name of saving cost. This is misleading because a single spring wears out faster than two. Before you think of saving cost we advise you to pay more attention to quality as this will save you future repair and maintenance costs. We have discount for all our services.

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