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New Motor Installation Services

It is not advisable to try and repair your door on your own if you do not have the necessary skills and experience. However some problems do not require a technician. If your door is faulty, it is good to first check whether there is any object blocking sensor or the electricity connections are in order. When these simple solutions fail to work for you, it is time to call Ditmars Steinway garage door repair to inspect the problem for you. Many times the door will fail to open or close due to malfunctioning of the motor in the door opener. The motor is very sensitive and delicate part of the door opener and it should be handled by a qualified technician to avoid more damage. Proper maintenance of the motor can help avoid malfunctioning but when the motor gets old it need to be changed. This can save you from new door installation. At Ditmars Steinway garage door repair we have certified technician who can install new motor in any type of door opener. Our technicians respond in a short time and they are reliable and faster when solving your motor related problems. Contact us and we will connect you with our local representative to help you identify and solve your garage door issues. Some garage doors have been installed using the latest technique and style. Trust our technicians because they have been trained to handle the latest designs. We use modern technology and the best tools to ensure high quality services.

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